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Top 10 Features Of Flutter 2.2

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At the recent I/O conference, the flutter team confirmed that more than 200,000 apps are created with Flutter only in the Play Store. More than one in every eight new apps in Play store are built with Flutter. Popular companies like BMW, Shein, Tencent and new emerging companies use Flutter to create innovative apps. With Flutter 2.2, you get the way out for optimizing, polishing and improving iOS, Android, Web and Desktop app performance. Also there are more material icons, automatic scrolling behavior on mobile and desktop, improved text handling and lots of exciting features. Here we’ve curated some more new features of Flutter 2.2.

Top 10 Features of Flutter 2.2-

1. Dart 2.13-
Dart also gets updated with new features accompanied by Flutter 2.2. It brings some new features to its FFI for calling C code, official Docker support and Google Cloud support for Dart backends. It also offers support type aliases that makes code easy to read and maintain.

2. Performance Improvements-
By using Dart’s split AOT compilation feature, Flutter team has built support for android apps to download modules ahead-of-time resource and code at runtime. They call these installable splits deferred components. It can reduce the initial app size and allow to download features and resources when a user needs them. Whereas, for ios, new update offers new tools to precompile shaders to remove or reduce the first-run jank. Jank occurs when the time to compile shaders goes beyond the time limit. These improved features of Android and iOS are now in preview mode.

3. Type Alias-
You can create a new name for any existing type and then that name can be used rather than an existing type. Prior to Dart 2.13 users can create a type alias for function now it’s extended to the variable type.

For Example:
typedef Length = double;
final Length x = 4;

Good thing about type alias is- it passes the type equality test also. You can legal to call the constructor on a type alias that names a class.

Example:Void main() {
debugPrint(double == Length); // True
Benefit of using type alias is that one can make it easy to read code to others.

4. Dart Foreign Function Interface-
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