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How To Measure The Success Of Your Mobile App?

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Nearly 25% of apps downloaded are never used more than once. Creating an engaging user experience is becoming more important as brands develop their mobile offerings and hope to meet user expectations. You invest all your money and time to build a successful mobile app, but only that is not sufficient for the app to become successful in real life. But how can you measure the success of mobile app? You have to analyze its performance with some metrics. Let us see which are those metrics. You can work around your app data and make it positive towards your app performance.

Mobile App Metrics To Measure The Success Of Mobile App-

1. App Downloads-
The number of app downloads shows the number of users that installed your app on their mobile devices. But only this cannot decide the count. Some users might have uninstalled app and reinstalled again. So, you should consider the time interval they have re-installed the app and consider it as a count. If there are not many downloads of your app, you need to work on your app in terms of marketing promotions.

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2. Active App Users-
Active users are different from users who download your app. Users may download app but not use it regularly. In this case, this active app user metric helps you analyse how many users are frequently visiting your pages and simplify details by calculating session activity and 30 minutes of inactivity also. With this, you can get the details of users of your app and take necessary actions to improve the number of users and retain existing users.

3. Session Length-
Session length is measured as the timespan between app open and close, or when the app times out after 15 seconds. This indicates the that how much time your users are spending in app per individual session. Tracking of user session length is critical to unlock revenue potential in your app flows, or the different in-app scenarios that users encounter. If you’ve got mCommerce app, how long does your checkout flow take? If average session length is five minutes and your checkout flow takes six, you need to either encounter users to stay in the app longer time.

4. App Session Intervals-
It measures how frequently a user returns to your mobile app. This parameter defines how engaged your users are. If the interval between two consecutive visits is short, the level of engagement will be higher. Best trick to improve app session interval metric is to make your mobile app a part of user’s daily routine. Ensure that your mobile app is made well for disruption that would happen in between and so when user logs back, they do not need to start from the scratch.

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