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Loïc Boset
Loïc Boset

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Brain Bytes: writing quality content actually takes time

I try to work on Brain Bytes for 30min to 1h every day.

With that time, I have managed to improve the submission system by:

  • adding a title to each submission and,
  • a preview system for the markdown editor

I also secured the app by only allowing registered people to post a byte (i.e. submit a post).

However, when it comes to creating content, writing bytes, I realized that it actually takes time to search for quality info and to write sentences that make sense.

So I have to revise my goal down of populating Brain Bytes myself with 100 bytes by Jan 10.

Hence, my next steps are:

  • adding a tags system
  • adding a filter system (search all submission by tags)
  • adding a search bar (search submissions by words)
  • and maybe adding an infinite scroll

Once I will be happy with that, I will ask a few people to participate in the content creation.

But that exercise made me think about all those places that have to create content. For example, how did DEV.TO look like at the start? How did it become such a great place?

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