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Loïc Boset
Loïc Boset

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Happy-Job: foundation

First time writing a post on the web! 🚀 (if my Skyrock blog doesn't count)

I like short posts, so I'll make it short.

My project is called Happy-Job

  • purpose: to inspire people to find a job that will make them happy
  • why: fame and money are worthless if you don't enjoy your days
  • how: guide people towards job options
  • what: website gathering lots of jobs, filtered by tags

(cfr Simon's Sinek Golden Circle for this Why/How/What approach)

I have created my Digital Ocean account, created a Github repo, created a new creat-react-app and spent the last 30 minutes trying to understand how to make a DevTo post series.

Why this project?

12 months ago, I was an unhappy accountant working for a 1000-people corporation.

Now, I am a super happy web developer in a 5-people social impact startup.

This project was sitting in a corner of my mind for long and I would love it to become something really helpful.

Something that I could have used many years ago to be quickly and easily exposed to alternatives ways of making a living, so that I wouldn't have lost 2 years of my life finding a new path.

I hope you will enjoy this ride with me! And please give me your inputs on this project!



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raddevus profile image

This is a great idea for an app and I hope to see more in future. I've worked at a great many places and having a good place to work is important in life so anything to help is welcomed. I just completed my entry in the #dohackathon challenge and hope you'll take a look at it if you get a few moments.

I'll be watching for your updates as you move through your project. Good luck.

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