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Discussion on: Review #4: Top 7 Of The Week, Discussed

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Lindsey Kopacz

This was a great overview! Thank you!

After listening, I realized after reading my own comments that I didn't really address my opinion about junior developers working remotely.

I personally of the opinion that the in-person, built-in mentorship is one of the biggest benefits of being a junior developer. I don't personally need that right now in my career but as someone self-taught, I REALLY needed to be in office at early on. It also helped me formulate my developer interests, strengths, etc when I was around strong mentors. Not every in-person job has great mentorship, but it definitely lowers the barrier.

Now in my career, remote mentorship is significantly easier for me as a mentee because I know what I need and know how to ask for it. I think working remotely becomes way better once you have the context of who you are as a developer. It might be more difficult for a junior to have the confidence to know what questions to ask, what they need from the mentor, etc. without that in-person contact.

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Daniel Golant Author

Agreed, but I think this holds even if you have a formal education. It's just a hard thing to do! Like I said, if someone figures out how to facilitate this as a service, they'll end up wealthy.

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malik Author

Totally agreed! I know the time that I spent physically there at the company was absolutely invaluable and there are total nuances in relation to being a developer like technical communication that would've been harder to learn if I was a remote employee.

That being said, with technology these days there are probably companies that have a great remote mentoring culture, and could support it. In that case, maybe a junior remote developer could work :)