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What's New In Docker 2023?

This year, DockerCon was amazing. There were lots of significant announcements across different domains, such as Open Source, AI, security, supply chain, and more.

We at Livecycle, a Docker-centric company, are super excited to share some highlights from the event and discuss how we are developing our products, Livecycle Docker Extension and Preevy, to improve collaboration, feedback, etc., in the vision that Docker is moving with their recent development and announcement at DockerCon.

Here are some of the highlights:

Docker AI

Docker AI Poster

With Docker AI, Docker aims to eliminate repetitive, mundane configuration tasks. It is employed throughout the development lifecycle for fast, easy, and portable application development.

Their focus is on 4 pillars:

  • Faster time to code
  • Hundreds of AI/ML models & images
  • Reproducibility
  • Security by default

Docker Compose Watch

Compose Watch Banner

Hot reloading has become feasible in the Docker Compose application. In the past, the process of rebuilding and recreating the container was tedious and disrupted the workflow.

Earlier, developers resorted to creating bind mounts, but this approach wasn't ideal since it functioned differently across diverse operating systems.

The implementation is straightforward. By using the watch keyword, one can define necessary actions, such as sync and rebuild.

    build: .
    command: npm start
        - action: sync
          path: ./web
          target: /src/web
            - node_modules/
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Docker Debug

Docker Debug Poster

Docker Debug offers an integrated toolbox to debug containerized apps both locally and remotely. It allows users to view logs, run commands, check files, and so much more. It aids in debugging and quickly resolving problems.

Next-Gen Docker Build

Docker Next-Gen Docker Build Poster

Docker images are now being constructed 39x faster with the next-gen Docker Build. The building process takes place in the cloud, and users can share the build cache with their teammates. The primary emphasis is on reducing waiting time and honing in on development.

Docker Scout

Docker Scout offers insights into the security of container images, enabling users to make informed decisions on addressing vulnerabilities and enhancing the overall security of their applications.

The core focus is on bolstering security throughout the entire SDLC.

Docker Scout Poster

Not only did Docker make significant announcements, but Livecycle also introduced our new Livecycle Docker Extension. It will instantly and securely share your local development environment and get feedback much earlier in the development workflow, without the hassle of staging environments or CI builds.

Check it out here. If you have feedback, feel free to join our Livecycle Community and share.


DockerCon showcased exciting updates this year in areas like AI and security. We at Livecycle are already moving our products based on those directions. Some highlighted features include faster Docker image creation, enhanced debugging tools, and improved security measures.

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Roy Razon

Nice summary!

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Pradumna Saraf

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Who Am I

Thanks for sharing

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Gulshan Negi

Thanks for sharing such information here, amazing stuff published in detail. Well, in my opinion, all the updates were quite good but the thing that I most like is docker debug.