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What's New at Meteor: Beta Releases, Community Tutorials, and More

At Meteor Software, we are committed to keeping our community informed and connected with the latest advancements. The MeteorJS Newsletter is an excellent way to stay updated on recent announcements, product updates, and success stories within the Meteor community.

Introducing Meteor 3.0 Beta 7

We recently announced the launch of Meteor 3.0 beta 7. This update brings improvements and new features designed to enhance the development experience within the framework. One of the significant changes is the addition of a new installer, npx meteor@beta, adopted due to changes in npm.

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Community and Projects

Jan Kuster recently authored a beginner's tutorial on uptime monitoring, showcasing MeteorJS's potential for developing robust and scalable solutions. Projects and tutorials such as this provide inspiration and valuable learning opportunities to the Meteor Community.

Hosted by Meteor Community Ambassadors Jan Kuster, Jan Dvorak, and Alim Gafar, "This Week In Meteor" (TWIM), the weekly videocast about the open-source Meteor ecosystem and updates, returns with renewed energy. Discussions on scalability and performance optimization highlight ongoing commitment to the platform's evolution. Follow TWIM to stay updated on the latest discussions and achievements within the community.

TWIM #29 - But I Don't Know You
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TWIM #30 - MeteorJS in the Wild
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Updates at Meteor University

Meteor University is a platform that offers training and skill development programs to individuals interested in learning MeteorJS and Galaxy. Our Developer Advocate, Gabriel Grubba, has reviewed and updated some classes, now available for free to everyone. 

Example Projects with Meteor 3.0

Along with the updates to Meteor University, we've also updated some example projects using Meteor 3.0 beta 7. These sessions are broadcast live and saved for later viewing on the official Meteor Software YouTube channel.

Events & Latest News

Meteor Software proudly sponsored the AWSome Women Community Summit Brazil, supporting women in tech careers. Our DevRel Manager, Tatiana Barros, gave two insightful talks at the event.

Staying updated and involved is crucial in a rapidly evolving technological ecosystem. We hope these updates and resources inspire you to continue exploring, learning, and contributing.

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