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Thanawat Yodnil
Thanawat Yodnil

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Write Letter #4 Finally theming, hashtag system, tweaking UI/UX

This is final part of Write Letter retouching welcome page, added light and dark theme and hashtag system !

First, I'm glad to say that this gonna be the final part of series !

Glad sonic

Developer love dark mode isn't it ? So I implemented dark/light theme into my app.

Alt Text

Gonan be honest at first I was meant to add more theme or even custom color (you choose it !).

Also at first I also want to add background changing system too but that make it look strange somehow...

Alright enough for theming, now hashtag system, just like hashtag system on facebook or twitter it allow anyone to look up for letter with matching hashtag.

And lastly just some minor tweaking to UI like better loading spinner, animationing

Remark what we've archived

  • Theme
  • Hashtag
  • Better UI/UX
  • Minnor bug fixed

That's it for this series, Thanks for reading along here ! I've deployed this app to DigitalOcean which is lived here

Source code can be found here


Check out my timelapse tool

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