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Uncover the Real Senior Developer w/ Tomasz Waraksa

Conor Bronsdon
Dev Interrupted Community Leader obsessed with tech, sustainability, and any sort of board game strategy.
・1 min read

Should you be hiring a software developer or a senior software developer…and what’s the difference? And how can you know during an interview?

To help answer these questions, Tomasz Waraksa, a tenured senior software developer with decades of hiring experience, joins the Dev Interrupted podcast to explain how companies should rethink their approach to hiring a senior software developer, and what it means when one joins your team.

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Episode Highlights include:

  • The different between a regular and senior developer
  • What to ask a senior software developer during the hiring process
  • How this senior role has changed over the decades
  • What you should expect from a senior developer after hiring one

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