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Labs: The Evolution of Continuous Merge

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, co-host Conor Bronsdon and Ben Lloyd Pearson, LinearB’s Director of Developer Relations, detail the evolution of Continuous Merge and the tool behind it, gitStream. Joining the conversation is Nik LeBlanc, VP of Engineering at DevCycle.

Nik shares the ways his team is using gitStream to streamline code reviews and offers practical advice for anyone looking to implement the tool on their own team. He also explores the somewhat controversial practice of splitting up and reshuffling engineering teams, a strategy that DevCycle has used to great effect. Nik finds that this practice helps balance teams, manage diverse knowledge bases, and de-risk the organization.

Conor and Ben wrap up the conversation by casting an eye on the future, focusing on the potential and direction of gitStream.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:50) Splitting and reorganizing dev teams
  • (9:20) How DevCycle is leveraging tooling to enable positive change
  • (14:50) Why teams are paying "a lot more attention" to PRs
  • (17:00) Nik's thoughts on DORA and shipping
  • (21:20) Threads & socials to follow
  • (23:35) Ben & Conor breakdown their convo with Nik
  • (27:30) Applying estimated time to review to PRs
  • (31:30) gitStream integrations
  • (32:30) The future of gitStream

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