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Have Engineering Leaders Become Too Hands-off?

On this week’s episode of Dev Interrupted, co-host Conor Bronsdon welcomes Francisco Trindade, Director of Engineering at Braze, to discuss strategies to improve collaboration and effectiveness within engineering teams.

Francisco notes a shift in the tech industry over the past decade from focusing on rapid hiring and individual growth to a need for more effective team dynamics. Criticizing the tech industry's aversion to micromanagement, he argues that it has inadvertently resulted in a lack of focus on team effectiveness and proposes a renewed emphasis on fostering productive environments for engineers to fully realize their potential.

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:20) Managers can't be micromanagers
  • (4:40) Francisco's three key aspects to improving team effectiveness
  • (11:15) Creating the right incentives for your team
  • (14:00) How to work with teams around the world
  • (21:15) Increasing engineering team efficiency
  • (27:30) What is Braze?

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