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The Engineering Executive Operating System — Part 2

Conor Bronsdon
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The Engineering Executive Operating System — Part 2

Today on the Dev Interrupted Podcast, we premiere the second and final episode in our two-part series with Tech Executive Consultant and author, Aviv Ben-Yosef.

If you haven’t listened to the first episode, we highly recommend checking it out. Aviv is an expert at onboarding new employees, particularly those joining leadership positions.

In episode 2 we discuss how leadership can provide a workplace culture where employees are encouraged to speak up and question leadership decisions as well as how to create high impact R&D organizations.

Get a sample chapter of Aviv’s book here.

Listen to the full episode

Part 2 Highlights Include:

  • Each member of a team becoming a force multiplier

  • “Chutzpah driven development”

  • How to have candid discussions between leadership and employees

  • Providing a culture where employees can tell leadership they are wrong

  • Creating high-impact R&D organizations and teams

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