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How a hacker, a hustler, and a designer made RSS feeds cool

Building a platform that 100,000 devs use every day is no accident, but it can happen (almost) overnight.

Daily.Dev is the fastest growing online community for developers to stay updated on the hottest developer news, and their mission is to build the home page that every developer deserves.

It pulls together and rewards dev-focused content from 400 sources – letting its users vote on which ones they find the most useful, the most interesting or the most entertaining.

Co-founders Nimrod Kramer and Ido Shamun sit down with me to discuss their mission, the trick to building something that grows itself and why they chose to create a platform that actually makes RSS feeds cool!

Episode Highlights Include:

  • Building the homepage every dev deserves
  • Why RSS feeds are still relevant
  • The importance of curating dev-focused content
  • How to achieve explosive community growth
  • Why Nimrod & Ido are excited about INTERACT

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Discussion (4)

nobilitypnw profile image

No way! I love that site! Kudos to you guys for having them on the podcast; it was nice to hear their story.

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon Author

Thank you! Their story is great and is an example of how ideas often come from small side projects. Happy to see them have such success.

cmcclannahan profile image

Appreciate all the work these guys have done, is such a great site

conorbronsdon profile image
Conor Bronsdon Author

It really, is. We felt really good about getting them on the pod.