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Co-Founding Kubernetes with Microsoft CVP Brendan Burns

The creation of Kubernetes was never a foregone conclusion, it required years of hard work and evangelism. Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brendan Burns is here to bring you that story.

In the final episode of our two-part series, Brendan returns to the Dev Interrupted podcast to bring us the founding story of Kubernetes. He discusses the battle to make Kubernetes open source, why a strong community was vital to early success and learning when to let others take the lead, avoiding a "dictator for life" approach to development.

Listen to the full episode

Episode Highlights include:

  • How Kubernetes came to be
  • Why Kubernetes had to be open source
  • Avoiding a "dictator for life" approach to development
  • Improving developer experience for distributed systems
  • How to build and sustain communities

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nobilitypnw profile image

Ah I've been waiting for episode 2 to drop! Really smart guy and I love his sense of humor.

nickhodges profile image
Nick Hodges

Gotta love his dedication to open source. Great interview.

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