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Introducing LineaPy!

Going from data science development to production is full of friction. The engineering process to make messy development code production-ready is manual and time consuming.

That’s why we’ve built LineaPy – open source software that creates a frictionless path for taking data science work from development to production with just two lines of code.

LineaPy automatically captures data science development code and extracts data pipelines to be deployed to production. LineaPy traces a Python program execution and creates an intermediate graph representation that captures a program’s semantic meaning. From there, LineaPy can transform these graphs into different MLOps toolchain outputs, which can automatically run in production.

LineaPy is the solution to time consuming workflow problems data scientists face everyday such as cleaning messy notebooks, revisiting previous work and building pipelines. You can read more about our use cases here.

LineaPy can supercharge data science workflows, saving up to 40 percent of the bottleneck tasks that occur from the above workflow challenges. LineaPy is now available for download in GitHub. We welcome all contributions and feedback so that we can continue to grow LineaPy capabilities and help data scientists go from Juypter notebook to an Airflow pipeline in minutes.

We are excited to collaborate with the OSS community and develop LineaPy even further.

For those interested in learning more, please connect with us:

We hope you’ll join us!

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