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Need Help with a project.

I am working on a Api where in a certain time i have to use the Twilio Api to send a sms to a user. my api server is running on my localhost, and i have to use my cellular network because of my location i don't have access to wifi.
the problem is when i am using cellular network i can't make the twilio request but whenever i am connected to wifi it works just fine. I know cellular networks can't do good dns resolutions and blocks https so how can i solve it..

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Mike Talbot ⭐ • Edited

Mobile networks are well known for "f***ing" with connections. If you can set up a VPN then nothing can interfere with that route. So if you have access to a VPN, try that out over the cellular connection.

As @learncodeprofessor says, ngrok is great if you need callbacks to localhost, but I'm not sure that's what's tripping you up as it would also probably not work on a WiFi network in that case.

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Bernardas Ališauskas

Is it possible Twilio is simply blocking or throttling your mobile connection? Use a proxy. If you rent a $5 server from Linode, Digitalocean etc. you can use it as a VPN or you can get commercial VPN like protonVPN, nordVPN (anything really).

The IP landscape is very polluted and many anti-bot systems have really high false-positive ratios.

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You probably want to look into ngrox. It could tunnel out your localhost to a resolvable hostname your cellular network can access.

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