Joining the DEV team ✅

Anna Buianova on May 15, 2019

Hey! If you follow the DEV repository news closely, you may have noticed that I've been a part of the DEV team for a while now Finally, it's time t... [Read Full]
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It has been awesome working with Anna! We look forward to a lot more great work.

With both Anna and @rhymes :

The process of being fully open source in order to make sure the fit is clear early on was really awesome. We had a lot of confidence very quickly that this would be a good fit. And, of course, @rhymes chipped in a bunch to the community and the codebase and that one was a no brainer.

We don't have infinite budget, but we hope to continue finding amazing folks from within the community and open source project to join our team officially. I wish we could hire everyone! 😄


It's been amazing working with you, Anna! We're very honored that you're part of the team :)


How exciting! I've thought about trying to contribute code to the DEV project. I will check out your ActiveJob campaign!


Awesome intro. I would love to hear about your transition from php to ruby! Why you did it, anything you learned from it, tips for others. I think it would be a pretty interesting read.


Especially great to see part someone from my country. And I also switched from PHP to rails a year ago :)


I'm so happy we get to collaborate more closely! The work you've been doing has been amazing!


Congratulations Anna, your contributions will be most helpful.

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