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Anna Buianova
Anna Buianova

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Joining the DEV team ✅

Hey! If you follow the DEV repository news closely, you may have noticed that I've been a part of the DEV team for a while now
Finally, it's time to introduce myself!

I'm a software developer from Northwest Russia, and I've been working in the industry for a decent amount of time already (since 2007).
I started as a full stack developer (php backend) but switched to Ruby a couple of years later (I love Ruby 💗).

At DEV I'm mostly focusing on refactoring, optimizations and overall code quality, however, I work on other things too.
It's a great experience to work on the opensource project fulltime. I would like to help others to contribute to the DEV codebase too. For now, you can join me on my ActiveJob campaign if you're interested.

I'm passionate about lifelong learning, programming and helping others to learn and grow. I'm also interested in writing and sharing my knowledge which I plan to do more of right here on DEV.
Being a part of the DEV team aligns well with my values and helps me to achieve my goals. I hope to bring value back to the community.

P.S. I have opened my DEV inbox, and I'm available for a quick chat on the dev topics.

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Ben Halpern

It has been awesome working with Anna! We look forward to a lot more great work.

With both Anna and @rhymes :

The process of being fully open source in order to make sure the fit is clear early on was really awesome. We had a lot of confidence very quickly that this would be a good fit. And, of course, @rhymes chipped in a bunch to the community and the codebase and that one was a no brainer.

We don't have infinite budget, but we hope to continue finding amazing folks from within the community and open source project to join our team officially. I wish we could hire everyone! 😄

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Peter Kim Frank

It's been amazing working with you, Anna! We're very honored that you're part of the team :)

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dAVE Inden

How exciting! I've thought about trying to contribute code to the DEV project. I will check out your ActiveJob campaign!

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Yay!! 🙌🙌🙌

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Jonny Eom

Awesome intro. I would love to hear about your transition from php to ruby! Why you did it, anything you learned from it, tips for others. I think it would be a pretty interesting read.

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Dmitrii Pashutskii

Especially great to see part someone from my country. And I also switched from PHP to rails a year ago :)

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Thomas Bnt

Congrats 🙌

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Congrats Anna!

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Steve Layton


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Eugene Karataev

Congratulations, Anna!

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Jamie Ferrugiaro

Awesome Anna! :)

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I'm so happy we get to collaborate more closely! The work you've been doing has been amazing!

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Anna Buianova Author

I'm happy to collaborate as well!

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Olivier Jacques

Congratulations Anna, your contributions will be most helpful.