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Wenchen (Neo) Li
Wenchen (Neo) Li

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New laptop sticker from Hacktoberfest!

So last week I received my t-shirt and stickers from Hacktoberfest last year. I am a minimalist when it comes to laptop stickers; I have had no stickers for a very long time, and then I had just one for a very long time.

So when I got the stickers, at first I thought I wouldn't want any more stickers on my laptop. But then after carefully thinking about it, I decided to put the sloth on and be like:

Laptop with two stickers on: one is the sloth mascot and the other one being the "My website is faster than yours" from Gatsby

So it would be like: my website is faster than yous, (then pointing to the sloth) and this is your website. 😆

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