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Lauren Fosgett
Lauren Fosgett

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100 Days Of Learning - Day 1

Hello everyone, welcome to my #100DaysOfLearning challenge.

My learning goals today are:

  • Complete section 24 "Introducing the World of the DOM" in Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp course
  • Review FCC frontend projects and start one

What I completed:

  • Section 24 from the Colt Steele course, with all exercises saved in Codepen here
  • Started Section 25 in the same course - DOM events! (I'm very excited to start this)

What I learned:

Today I reviewed DOM methods including:

  • element.getAttribute()
  • element.setAttribute(attr, value)
  • document.createElement(element)
  • element.append()
  • Node.appendChild()

My goals for next time:

I want to try to be more descriptive in what I'm learning, and also try to practice more on my own beyond the exercises in the course. I'm enjoying copying the exercises into Codepen and trying them there, and I've been including some of my notes as comments on the exercises, but it would be worth exploring those ideas further.

Next time I plan to continue the section on Events and actually look over the FreeCodeCamp frontend projects.

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Good start!