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100 Days of Learning - Day 6

Hello and welcome to my 100 Days of Learning challenge!

Today I am continuing my efforts in learning SQL for work. I'm a business analyst so I don't get to do any coding in my day-to-day, instead I manage my team's webdev projects (I'm basically product owner/product manager/project manager all rolled into one). I'm excited to get a better understanding of the queries I've been copy-pasting (and start writing my own queries!) and use this to transition into learning more about how the databases are structured in our projects.

(As a note - I drafted this on Friday and then my computer BLUE SCREENED, so I'm catching up on my posts today.)

My Goals for Today:

  • Start the Combining and Filtering Data with T-SQL course on Pluralsight (my work provides me with a Pluralsight account for continuous learning)
  • Revisit Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp course and work through a few more lessons

What I Completed

  • I started the SQL course but didn't get very far into it because my computer blue screened and I called it a day

What I Learned

  • This day was kind of a bust, but I did learn how to create my own databases locally, and how to restore a database from a backup. Small progress is still progress. I'm excited to dive deeper.

Goals for Next Time

  • I want to get back to my Survey Form project for the freecodecamp Front End Web Development certification, but that's going to have to be a project for the weekend
  • Finish the current SQL course I'm working through
  • Finish the section of the Colt Steele course

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