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What was your last dev related Google Search?

lewismenelaws profile image Lewis Menelaws ・1 min read

Ah, Google... Imagine a world of being a developer without you. Google and Stack Overflow are like my mom and dad helping me through my silly mistakes as a developer.

I'm not new either. I have been a developer for almost over 5 years now... and I am not afraid to admit that some of my Google searches would look silly.

I know, I am a horrible developer that has no idea what he is doing.


As a developer of 1 year to 20 years of experience. Getting a quick reference to something is arguably what our job is all about.

Devs, what was your last dev related Google Search?


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I don't use Google, I use duckduckgo.com


There are only a few times when the results are less relevant than Google, if which case I use !g in the search: duckduckgo.com/bang

The latest search was about CSS specificity.


duckduckgo is still valid to this question :).

I am always looking up how to center things in CSS


Google has stacking of results from StackOverflow — the feature I missing in DuckDuckGo.


There are plenty of features missing in DuckDuckGo, the main being "keep user data and sell it to whoever pays for it".

Haha, nice point! Anyways, I've switched to DuckDuckGo a month ago and didn't regret about it.


«sql server pass an array to stored procedure»


"on duplicate index update"

This is something I learned about far too recently, considering how long I've been using MySQL. It turns out that when doing a bulk insert, you can have MySQL automatically update records on a key/index conflict. That way your bulk insert won't fail on duplicate records and you can insert/update in bulk in a single query.

Very cool!



Trying to figure out how to deploy a typescript cli app to npm. Still haven't figured it out.


but the important thing is that you will eventually figure it out :)


I see up there duckduckgo.com is valid too, then: "Three.js group add"
not ashamed about it btw


Differents wordings for "jformattedtexfield getvalue returning integer or long"
if someone can help here i would be pretty happy <3


I've tried the same search in duckduckgo.com and this is my first result: community.oracle.com/thread/1362374

Kind of "I'm going to be lucky" 😂


As always, searching stuff at 3am doesn't go well for me


Never knew about this command... but it's super useful.


"Integrity check failed for yarn"


Dependency issues 😅😅😅 I feel ya


I use Stackoverflow when I encountered something I can't solve. But google never use that before for solving specific problems


"php strpos". I should really post-it the order of haystack and needle to my screen. Same with, oh, you know, every other PHP function I have to use.


has_many through unique Rails

Found a bug in our code causing duplicate records being returned. It has been a while since I wrote some solid ActiveRecord code so I needed a refresher on the syntax.


I just searched this:

javascript remove from one index forwards - Google Search


javascript map can't find variable


Best way to check multiple Boolean conditions in C#.


Implement Identity Authorization .Net Core



I was thinking about developing on an EC2 like I do with Cloud9, but with VSCode instead.


How to call custom function in U-sql Script. :)


Wait ... What's that "You Forgot that Fast Huh" button?!


"SQL server check if index exists"


My latest search was for "regex railroad diagram"

If you do anything with regex take a look, you'll thank me later 😁


[datetime input html]

Which led me to just use separate inputs.


Edit: forgot about last night

[WordPress htaccess] because I forgot about adding it when I moved a site.