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Nitya Narasimhan, Ph.D for Let's Sketch Tech!

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#VisualizeIT Workshop 3: "Sketch The Docs, Chalk The Talk" | Nitya Narasimhan

✨✨✨ Join us - it's free and online ✨✨✨
Date: Dec 19 (Saturday)
Time: @1-3pm EST
Live: Video Link
RSVP: Reactor Meetup Page

📣 #VisualizeIT: The Series

Welcome to workshop #3 in this event series organized by Microsoft Reactor, Azure Advocates and the Lets Sketch Tech community.

#VisualizeIT: The Series

Read this post👇🏽 to learn more about the series goals and schedule - then join us and add visual storytelling to your tech tool-belt for 2021!

Speaker Cards Artwork: by Kaitlin Gu

🎨 "From Tech Docs to Tech Talks"

Workshop #3 happens Dec 19, 2020 at 1pm EST. It is free and online - register here to get the event link and other resources post-event.

Workshop Abstract:

If you work in tech, chances are you’ve “written documentation” or given a “technical talk” to a diverse audience. Visual Storytelling skills can help you improve written or delivered content in a way that improves your audience’s comprehension and recall.

In this workshop we’ll explore this space in four segments:

  • Visual Toolkit = quick primer on drawing tools & process
  • Sketch The Docs = apply toolkit to visualizing tech documentation!
  • Chalk The Talk = apply toolkit to visualizing talk flow & slides
  • Scene To Zine = other ideas for applying toolkits

Each segment will provide time and freedom for you to choose your own adventure and explore specific subsets of ideas at your own pace.

Materials Needed:

Lots of paper, pens, and a few color markers or pencils. Bring your curiosity and imagination. If you have a specific talk or documentation page you want to create visual notes for, that's icing! Most of all, tap into your inner sense of creativity and joy. You won't regret it!

👩🏽‍💻 Speaker: Nitya Narasimhan

Nitya is a community & technology advocate with 20+ years of experience across industry, academia, startups and consultancy. She has a PhD in Computer Engineering with software research & development expertise spanning distributed systems, ubiquitous & social computing, mobile web, cloud & ML/AI.

She's passionate about building inclusive communities and pragmatic software solutions that address real-world needs. Her mission is to help developers translate awareness of emerging technologies & platforms like Microsoft Azure into actionable impact on products, careers and communities.

📑 Useful Resources

Bookmark this website and revisit the Resources section periodically. I'll be updating it with content and resources relevant to the 4 segments above. You can also follow these tags on for updates.



📹 After The Event

Check back on this post for relevant resources shared at the event, and a link to the video recording when it becomes available.

Update: The recording is now available

I also wrote an article on why I do these talks:

And since this is the New Year, I will hugely advocate for #sketchercising your mind by spending a few minutes each morning just doodline something fun and whimsical.

Here's an example:

The LetsSketchTech Community

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This is continuation of a series of free online virtual event series organized by the Microsoft Reactor team in collaboration with Azure Advocates and the Lets Sketch Tech community.

#VisualizeIT: The Series

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