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#VisualizeIT Workshop 2: "Creative Journaling for Technologists" | Brittney Braxton

✨✨✨ Join us - it's free and online ✨✨✨
Date: Dec 12 (TODAY!)
Time: @1-2pm EST
Live: Video Link
Discussions: Reactor Meetup Page

📣 #VisualizeIT: The Series

Welcome to workshop #2 in this event series organized by Microsoft Reactor, Azure Advocates and the Lets Sketch Tech community.

#VisualizeIT: The Series

Read this post👇🏽 to learn more about the series goals and schedule - then join us and add visual storytelling to your tech toolbelt for 2021!

Speaker Cards Artwork: by Kaitlin Gu

🎨 "Creative Journaling for Technologists"

Workshop #2 happens Dec 12, 2020 at 1pm EST. It is free and online - register here to get the event link and other resources post-event.

Workshop Abstract:

Are you working with impact and purpose? Do you know what you're doing month-to-month with your role? How difficult is it for you to track your accomplishments? If any of these questions lead to uncertain answers, then come learn what it means to journal professionally.

In this workshop, you will learn about journaling and how it is beneficial to your success and expertise. We will work together on building a journal by learning how to create layouts and workflows that are best for your working style. Lastly, we'll touch on making time for reflection so that you're able to complete goals victoriously and ace end of the year performance reviews.

Materials Needed:

A notebook that sparks joy, a ruler, and a few different colored pens or markers. You're totally welcome to bring more supplies like washi tape, stickers, or paint. This is a time to be creative!

👩🏽‍💻 Speaker: Brittney Braxton

Brittney is a software engineer at Duo Security. She enjoys crafting, coding, and cats, all while enjoying a good cup of tea. Brittney strives to connect with folks who geek out over code with hopes to contribute to a friendly and inviting tech community.

📹 After The Event

Check back on this post for relevant resources shared at the event, and a link to the video recording when it becomes available.

The LetsSketchTech Community

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This is continuation of a series of free online virtual event series organized by the Microsoft Reactor team in collaboration with Azure Advocates and the Lets Sketch Tech community.

#VisualizeIT: The Series

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