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LaTeX: Numbering the Pages & Customization

Hello, how are you? :)

In this post I tell you

  • How to start the page numbering from other number, different of 1
  • How to mix the numbering style and the page numbering

Let's start!!!

Page Numbering

Do you remember that in this post I tell you how to customize the style of the numbering in the page, now you can use

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Where n is the desired starting page number

  • If we put this instruction in the preamble the starting page of the document is going to be n

But we can put this instruction on the body of our document and have different enumerations inside the document

Mixing Styles

What if I want to have multiple styles of numbering in my document, we first need to put the style and then the number, it is

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  • You can check the style here

Code to try

Check this code by yourself :)

This is all, thank you!!!

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Greetings :)

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