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LaTeX: Where else can I find or use LaTeX?

Hello, how are you? :)

In this post I tell you

  • Where else you can find or use LaTeX
  • How to use LaTeX in another platforms


This supports basic math environments, it is, you can not declare macros (yet) or do advanced stuff, but you can mix math with some environments that they already have

You need to write the entire command in the appropriate way, otherwise, it will appear an error

Here you can use inline equations and displayed equations

  • Inline Equations you need to use double $$ instead of one to start and end an equation
  • Displayed Equations you need to put /blockequation and then write the desired equations

Image description


You can get the LaTeX code of an equation with a simple instruction, just follow the next steps

  1. Import sympy
  2. Use the command sp.latex(myExpression)

It will give you the LaTeX code of the equation

import sympy as sp

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Jupyter Notebooks

If instead of getting the LaTeX code you want a visualization of the expression, you need to write these lines in your Jupyter Notebook

from sympy.interactive import printing
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Here you can draw, yes, draw the symbol that you are searching, and this page returns the LaTeX command

Image description


Here you can take pics of your written equations, and returns the LaTeX code

Image description

Overleaf Templates

You can find lots of templates for your work like books, cv, theses, etc. You can check that page here

Image description

TUG (Tex User Group)

You can find many resources here, like documentation, help, community, you need to explore it by yourself here

Visual Studio Code LaTeX Extension

It's an extension for VSCode to edit LaTeX documents, you can mix its functionality with many more extensions for VSCode, you can check it here

These are my favorite resources (also the only ones which I know) if you want to share your favorite resources you can leave them in the comments section

That is all for today, thanks

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Greetings :)

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