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LaTeXteada Project: Saying Goodbye

Hello, how are you?

I this post I tell you the story behind this project, why did I decide to start this and what is going to be the future of this blog

The story behind this blog

The first time that I heard about LaTeX was in the high school, one professor told us about this, and it was interesting for me, however, I did not researched about the topic, because my math stuff was in paper.
It was until the 2nd semester of the university where I decided to start doing my Physics Lab's reports in LaTeX. At the beginning it is painful, because, I was spending more time searching how to do ... than the time doing the reports, and yes, at the beginning LaTeX is hard, because it is a complete new environment, you need to learn commands, expressions, etc.

However I was grasping how to become more fluent, some patterns, instructions, but I just was searching on YouTube and in some other blogs, I never opened a book about LaTexor took a formal course.

It was like 1 year later when I decided to open my first book about LaTeX, it was good, because I was learning those little details which make you say Ohh I finally understand and I noticed that reading books was a good idea.

When I attend my first course, I notice that I was already familiar with the 98% of the course, nothing special was happening with the courses, the only thing that changed was that there was a video, so I forget the courses and focused myself in the books, and I keep learning with books

Why did I decide to start this blog

As I told you, I love learning from books, but I was noticing some pattern:

The information in the book A was almost the same as the information of the book B

And it was logical, because the commands and instructions are the same, so, I decided to read one book first, write a synopsis and then start another book and just write down the information that was different from the first book, so, I read 10 pages of the book, but I only was writing 5 lines

So today, but one year ago I was thinking:

I need to share this information with the people outside

Because many information of the books lives there, in the books, and nowhere else, I decided to open my account on Twitter (to publish and have a bigger audience) and here in to write the blog.

What about the language? Well I decided to write this blog on English because I wanted to be practicing my writing skills, and, at a certain point, to reach more people, to have a bigger audience, and I learned something

You can not master something until you understand what you are doing

In the first post I was just throwing content, until I decided to analyze what I was doing and how i needed to do that, I gave to the blog more structure, and fragmented it into sections

The future of this blog

The first thing that I need to say is

I won't delete this blog

This blog is going to be open forever, the only thing that is going to change is that I won't publish anything else here,

This is my last post here

LaTeX is a huge world, giant. You can do all kind of stuff here, but I just wanted to talk about the common things in all the documents:

Equations, tables, figures, personalize the sheet and macros

And I reached that goal, and I am happy for that, because I did it in one year, but something else, I was not planning what to publish, there was not a list of What is next the order of this blog is just based on my experience

Saying Goodbye

I want to thank to all that people who choose to open my blog when they search something related with LaTeX, to the people and organizations on Twitter which press the retweet and like button, to the people who followed me, to OM, JR, and CT who supported me to create and keep going with this blog and told me not to quit.

I want to keep growing in this LaTeX world, and, in the future do some contributions or create something for this amazing project.

This is all for today, and forever

Do not forget to follow me on Twitter @latexteada

Greetings from Mexico, see you :D

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