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LaTeX & Maths: amsmath and amssymb packages

Hello, this is where I am going to give some base briefs of LaTeX
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Hello :)

In this post I tell you how to insert formulas.

Today I want to talk about two important packages in the LaTeX Math's world, amsmath and amssymb, these packages are very important if you want to create more advanced maths these provide you more math symbols which you can use, let me give you a brief introduction

amsmath Package

This package allows us to improve the structure and information in our document with displayed equations and mathematical stuff like:

  • Operators name and symbols for advanced math, like operators
  • Equations numbering

You can check more of this package here

amssymb Package

This package provides tons of math symbols, like arrows, operators, special characters, geometric figures etc.

You can check more of this package here


The last packages are huge, enormous in the features that provide to the user, we are not going to use each single thing here why? because we can not do it, these are lots of commands, instructions, symbols, etc.

As I told you, I am going to provide you different resources to learn multiple commands and you can explore by your own these resources and select the most suitable for your document.

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