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LaTeX & Maths: Aligned Equations

Hello, how are you? :)

In this post I talk about how to align equations, for example to split a long equation with some tips, let's start!!!

Do you remember that in this post I tell you how to align the equations, but this align was centered, not according to some character, to do this you need the align environment

align Environment

This environment is used if you want to align your equations or split a huge equation, the structure is

    My Equations
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No blank lines are permitted within the environment

  • \\ creates a new line
  • & create the alignment point

Do not put \\ at the end of the last line



Screenshot from 2021-09-08 21-33-50

But, wait!!! What if I want to put two columns in the align environment, well:

The symbol & has multiple purposes

  • The first & aligns the first column
  • The second & is a space between columns
  • The third & aligns the second column



Screenshot from 2021-09-08 21-42-14

  • Break the formula before a binary relation

This is all for today, thanks for reading

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Greetings :)

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