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LaTeX figures: The figure Environment

Hello, in the last post I talked about the includegraphics command.

But, did you notice? it just imports images but you can not change its location or add a caption, and it is so important when you are talking about images because you can add more details to your image.

In this post, I am going to talk about that, about the figure environment

The figure Environment

Do you remember the table environment? If not you can check it here, the figure environment is so similar to this environment.

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position options

  • h to put the image here, it is, at the current position of your cursor in the code
  • b to put the image at the bottom of the current page
  • t to put the image at the top of the current page
  • ! indicates ignore the rules and put the image here

align options

  • \centering align the image to the center
  • \raggedleft align the image to the left
  • \raggedright align the image to the right

modifiers and image options

You can change the details in this post, in the Importing images section


Here you can put the caption of the image

Thanks, this is all for today, enjoy :)
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