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LaTeX: Boxed Math and Multicolumns

Hello, how are you?

In this post I tell you how to put mathematical expressions in boxes and multicolumns in a document. Let's start!!!

Mathematical Expressions in Boxes

To finish with the math section in LaTeX i tell you how to put mathematical expressions in boxes.

You need to import the amsmath package and then use the \boxed{} command



Screenshot from 2021-09-29 10-34-56


What if we want to put something in a multicolumn mode?

Well, we just need to import the multicol package and use the environment multicols

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Where n is the number of columns in the document

We have two options to work with multicolumns: just some text in multicolumns or an entire page

Some text in multicolumns



Screenshot from 2021-09-29 10-51-54

An entire page

If we want to create a multicolumn in a page, this will be created from the declaration of the command to the end of the page, this is, if you declare the command in the middle of the page, then, the multicolumn will be from the middle of the page to the end

  • We just need to add an * in the command



Screenshot from 2021-09-29 10-56-59

Did you notice? there is no text after the double column because the next text is on the following page, also all the text is in one column because it will be a double column page

Thanks, this is all for today!!

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dikshitd2 profile image

Thanks for providing this info.
Also, I found out this article that was quite helpful in using multicolumn in mathematical equations and tables.

latexteada profile image

This looks good too, thanks for sharing :)