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Creeping LaTeX: The project

Hello everyone and welcome!! :)

I consider that learning something craves determination and discipline, it occurs there are wide of sites to get hold of knowledge. There are occasions where you need to face the frequent problem that there is a lack of information on some topic so you need to halt and then move to other site but there are days when some sites spark you to go on your idea, on your project. That is a brief and accurate description of what happened to me.

Hello, I am a student who wants to share with you some LaTeX which is being useful for me, not just in the school, also in taking notes and creating documents

I put a goal:

Do not use Word for any school work

And I have reached that goal

This is not going to be a tutorial and I am not going to write a giant amount of information here about LaTeX, no, I am going to talk about some ways to use LaTeX to create articles or documents with lots of formulas, this is going to be the cue to join to the LaTeX world or just a little help just to write a short article.

As I said, I am a student, and I have done over 100 documents with LaTeX, it was a hard and funny way for me and I want to share some knowledge and tips that I have got creating those documents, like if this were a discussion between you and me.

I encourage you to put in the comments section your experience and during all the posts that I am going to publish to put if that was a good resource, how do you use that, have you used that? Will you change the way that you use that?

Lets create community to help us and of course this can be a way to do some networking between us

Why LaTeXteada?

Well the name of the tool is LaTeX, and textear is to text in Spanish so it was a good title for me, like saying lets write LaTeX

See you in the next post, greetings folks :)

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