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What Is GitLab Workflow | GitLab Flow | GitLab Tutorial For Beginners | Part III

In this video, we’ll introduce you to two variants of GitLab Flow. One utilizes environmental branches, and the other utilizes release branches. Follow along to see how you can work faster with these variants. Start FREE Testing!

Integrate GitLab with LambdaTest:

In this part of GitLab Tutorial for Beginners, Moss(@tech_with_moss), a DevOps engineer, will introduce you to the three primary Git branching strategies: GitHub Flow, GitLab Flow, and Git Flow and help you choose the best Git Branching Strategy for your project. By the end of this video, you’ll also learn GitLab’s primary branching and merging strategy to implement the development workflow in GitLab with a high degree of confidence.

You will learn -:
🔸 What is GitLab Flow?
🔸 What is GitHub Flow?
🔸 What is Git Flow?
🔸 What is the best Git branch strategy?
🔸 What is the difference between Git Flow and GitHub Flow?

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