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Introduction to GitLab CI | What is GitLab CI | GitLab Tutorial For Beginners | Part I

GitLab is an open-source end-to-end DevOps platform that leverages the upstream concepts of Agile Methodologies, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery. Start FREE Testing!

Integrate GitLab with LambdaTest:

This is Part 1 of the GitLab Tutorial for beginners, wherein Moss(@tech_with_moss), a DevOps engineer, introduces you to the GitLab CI, the fundamental commands of Git, and showcases how to work with GitLab using GitLab flow. He further explains how to migrate from Jenkins Pipelines to GitLab and deploy software using GitLab packaging and releasing features.

This video will help answer the following questions 🎫 -:
🔹What is GitLab CI?
🔹Why GitLab is used?
🔹How does GitLab CI work?
🔹What is the difference between Git and GitHub and GitLab?
🔹How do I migrate from Jenkins to GitLab?

In this video tutorial module, Moss helps you learn the basics of Git and understand what is GitLab. You will get to know the major components of the GitLab interface, basic workflow in GitLab called GitLab flow, and multiple examples of performing activities with the GitLab flow. Further, deep-diving into more advanced topics of how to do CI/CD in GitLab, explore GitLab packaging and releasing, and learn how to integrate LambdaTest platform with GitLab CI/CD and perform cross browser testing.

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