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Kundwa Bruno M.
Kundwa Bruno M.

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Task force [ Week one ]

I would like to talk about my experience during the past first week in the Awesomity lab taskforce.

I had a great welcoming session that was all about introductions and mindfull sessions with interesting games that helped us to get to know each other very well.

The program is hybrid meaning that some sessions are remote and others on site.

On the following day we had a Fun coding war that helped us get a mind boost to get into the coding game for the rest of the day with the team. continuing in the afternoon with working on projects like ATM which was really fun!

Following with remote sessions, where we get to learn about communication skills and soft skills at the same time from great and professional people.

And then there comes the interesting !!friyay!! where we had very interesting sessions and games with the official Awesomity team!

All in all, i tried to breakdown each and every detail and to make it as short as possible, but the bootcamp is great and currently taking my skills to the next level with awesomity lab HERE WE GO!!!

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