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Kundwa Bruno M.
Kundwa Bruno M.

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Taskforce [ week four ]

Hello good people!,

Today marks the end of week four in the Awesomity taskforce, and yet again still getting new and great things being added to our knowledge.

In the beginning of the week, we started the week with a Design thinking soft skill session, where we got to know more on what clients really want on projects.

Proceeding on the next day with a dashboard project called ShowApp to work on that gave us a lot more experience and understanding on Ant design ( A frontend react framework ) .

We had a soft skill session regarding time management and the concepts on setting SMART goals, that helped us as software developers to set realistic and formidable goals.

At the end of the week the ( friyay! ) we had a presentation where we talked about the concepts of survival in the mid center of the ocean after a fire outbreak in our boat. This made me really think about the question... WHAT IF it really happens :)

So in conclustion, this week wore more fun and productive. See you next week :)

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