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Kundwa Bruno M.
Kundwa Bruno M.

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Taskforce [ fifth week ]

Hello mates!

And yet again i’ve come to the end of the second last week of the awesomity lab / code of africa taskforce.

This week was more of techinal, we had a very fruitful session game called The business simulation game with one of the geniuses in tech Thomas. Where we played different roles in real scenerios and projects and the roles included Product owner, scrum master, architect, Developers and more more.

As i said this week was more technical where we were working on intergrating API endpoints to our LOT dashboard.

The friday session we had a brainstorming session where we presented our ideas of our graduation project throughout next week that solves real life scenerios.

All in all, this week was very fun and educative. See you next week after graduation😎🔥

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