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Kundwa Bruno M.
Kundwa Bruno M.

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Task force [ Week two ]

Hello mates!

Today marks the end of my second week in the Awesomity task force! So excited to share you my experience so far!

The first day ( Monday ) session started with a great session that involved git workflow and the best practices that every company should or must use and the needful to write and implement a good software documentation.

The second day we had the same session proceeding with project containerization where we talked about its benefits and why every project need to be containerized.

Evening sessions we had a great presentation relating to soft skills including the best practices of a virtual meeting and everything we need to maintain before the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting.

Continuing with core values where we had so many values to explore and each could pick the ones that suits his/her personality that helped get a better understanding to ourselves and our team mates.

We also explored in the evening sessions what we call intercultural communication. where as we learned who we communicate with people with different cultures.

Proceeding to the Friday ( Friyay! ) session where we had code wars but this time a little bit more challenging :) which really helped boost our minds and also improved our spirits of teamwork. Later in the evening we had a great presentation of what we learned throughout the week regarding to soft and tech skills.

In conclusion, this week was really packed we learned new and great things such best git workflow practices, project documentation and containerization regarding to tech skills along with soft skills such as virtual meeting best practices and core personal values.

See yah next week!

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