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How to use Supabase CLI & Local Dev

this is a memo for personal reference🙇

How to use on local machines

encountered an issue 💫

I encountered an issue while using supabase start.

> supabase start Error: service not healthy
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It might be related to the problem reported here:

It was resolved by following these steps:

v4.23.0 The setting location had been moved.
Settings > General
Change VirtioFS to osxfs(Legacy) and disable Use Virtualization framework.

Manage database

Add table

  1. Create migration by using supabase migration new create_some_table
  2. Edit {timestamp}_create_some_table.sql. and add query.
  3. Apply to databases by using supabase db reset.

If I changed it in GUI?

You need to apply difference to migration file by using supabase db diff -f {table_name}


And it might be continued ~

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