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2nd EcoAct OS release: ecodev-infra

Writing code is a developer's day-to-day job, but getting that written code to its end-user is quite a different matter!

EcoAct is once again contributing to the open source world, this time with a brick aimed at helping devops 😊.

ecodev-infra is in fact a code base that enables an enthousiastic programmer or a small structure (SME, startup in its infancy) to create a production environment in a few simples actions (for those that master docker and docker-compose).

Available in ecodev-infra :

  • a reverse proxy (traefik)
  • a database (postgresql) and its administrator interface (pgadmin)
  • a job scheduler (cron ofelia)
  • a private pypi (pypiserver)
  • internal documentation (bookstack)
  • a storage server (minio)
  • SSO application (keycloak)

As well as a procedure for setting up an ubuntu Linux VM securely, and a few cybersecurity tips.

Documentation can be found here! 😊

Please note: this brick is really intended for users who want to quickly iterate and test these new technologies. Once the business model has been established, we strongly recommend that you make the transition to managed services (we talk about this in the documentation).

As with ecodev-core, feel free to use whatever you need!

The next brick will complete the lego construction that we aimed to give to the developer community at the start of the year: a secure dashboard website developed in python dash, integrating the previous bricks, and all usable in less than 5 minutes. Stay tuned! 😊

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