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The Unofficial CLI


Hello, everyone.

A few months ago, around the first week of December 2020, I started working on this project. The project was a CLI app which used the API to communicate with the website. I got caught up with other things and couldn't finish the project as I wanted to before making it public in front of the community.

Today, I put the project in community's hands, seeking for reviews, help and in hopes of making it better and usable.

GitHub Repo

This project is a work in progress. Bear with the useless dependencies, bad no documentation and half-implemented features.


  • ✅ Post a markdown file as an article with front matter validation.
  • ✅ Get user's published and unpublished articles
  • ✅ Get followers
  • ✅ Get user's reading list and navigate to browser
  • ✅ Use the API key to authorize
  • ❌ Get and cache user info
  • ❌ Read articles in terminal
  • ❌ Get podcast episodes
  • ❌ Use OAuth to authorize
  • ❌ Tests?
  • ❌ Consistent API

P.S. This article is posted using the dev-to-cli

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