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Weedow Searchy 0.1.0 released

I'm happy to share with you the release 0.1.0 of Weedow Searchy.

Searchy is a Spring-based library that allows to automatically expose endpoints in order to search for data related to Entities, whatever the database used.

Searchy provides an advanced search engine that does not require the creation of Repositories with custom methods needed to search on different fields of Entities.

We can search on any field, combine multiple criteria to refine the search, and even search on nested fields.

It supports the following data access layers:


Examples of queries:

GET /search/person

GET /search/person?firstName=John

GET /search/person?address.zipCode=78370

GET /search/person?query=firstName='John' AND lastName='Doe'

GET /search/person?query=birthday != '1981-03-12T10:36:00'

GET /search/person?query=NOT(firstName='John' OR firstName='Jane')

GET /search/person?query=address.street IMATCHES 'RUE*' AND (vehicles.brand='Renault' OR vehicles.brand='Porsche') AND = true AND (job.salary >=50000 AND job.salary<610000) AND characteristics.key = 'hair' AND vehicles.features.value.description IMATCHES '*Navigation Services*'

There is a "Getting Started" section that describes step by step the creation of an application with the library.

Searchy provides several features described in the documentation:

  • DTO Mappers
  • Validators
  • Entity joins handling
  • Converters
  • ...

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