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schema-org-java 0.4.0 released - Java library for working with data in JSON-LD format

If you've ever worked with structured data, you're probably familiar with

And you must have realized that entities contain a lot of information and that inheritance can be complex.

So it can be tedious to create all the entities needed for your project and then serialize / deserialize the data in JSON-LD format.

schema-org-java is a library to work with entities.

The entities can be easily generated with the Maven plugin, and can then be serialized / deserialized to JSON-LD format with the serializer module.

The library has the following features:

  • Fully supports the vocabulary defined in the namespace.
  • Fully supports type multiple inheritance, multiple values per property in
  • Every type has a corresponding Java interface which provides convenient getter/setter methods for getting/setting the values of the properties of that particular type.
  • Supports the generation of all types at once, or specific ones.
  • Fully supports documentation of types and properties by adding Javadoc on generated classes and methods.
  • Supports different versions of the vocabulary.
  • Supports serializing and deserializing objects to and from JSON-LD formats.

Here is a video illustrating the generation and creation of entities:

If you are interested, please take a look and give me your feedback :)

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