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Looking for a Junior compiler position

kenystev profile image Kevin J. Estevez ・1 min read

Hello everyone,

I'm currently looking for a job and I want to move from a web developer to a compiler developer, I'm looking for remote and junior positions in the field if do you have any suggestion or know about any opening.

Thank you so much!


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Hey Kevin👋🏻

Im currently building and establishing a new scala-inspired programming language on GitHub. It is called the Clove language and is mainly class-based and object-oriented.

In fact there is still a lot to do at this project, due to we want to make it official. So It would be very cool if you could join our organization on GitHub. As Information the contribution to the project will not be payed. It’s all a research freelance project.

So I Hope to hear from you soon...
Here is the Link to the project and to the organization:

Here is my portfolio:

Thanks and regards


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Kevin J. Estevez Author

Oh man! this is really awesome! I thought this post had already dead

for sure I'll join the org, I want to get involved in really fun/cool projects like these

see you soon Timo!

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Yeah thanks 😎

I’ve just invited you to the GitHub dev team where I’ll be posting all the tasks and problems to solve.

No worry if you’re not knowledged enough, I will help you during the construction of the language.

Thanks again