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Interview Tests/Challenges, what companies are looking for?

Kevin J. Estevez
Enthusiast software developer, Passionate about game development, Compilers Development, Utilities and really fun stuff!
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I was recently looking for a new job as middle developer, spent about one and a half month having interviews, applying here and there to whatever job opportunity I thought it was a good match for me or if it looked like something I'd like to get involved in as a new technology or a new programming language even if it meant to apply as a junior dev.

And to be honest, it has been exhausting doing those code challenges which some of them took me about a week to complete; others were shorter but even though I guess doing those code challenges like a short project is quite more legit to test a developer's skill than some kind of timed quizzes, which ask you to make some sort of math algorithm in short period of time as 30 mins for example.

My reasons? there we go:

Real life is about solving problems and getting things done, which is one of the hardest skills to get for most of the developers.

That's why I say challenging developers this way is even more legit for making a developer probe their skills and look if they are good at finishing stuff even if they had some issues during the process with any of the technologies implied.

Buuut! and here is where I want to be careful: when you are hunting for a job you Must be careful about what kind of company are you targeting and plan ahead your expectations for it (same as companies does).

although I think those kind of challenges are good at choosing the right developer, it will depend on what the company is looking for, what is the company's developer target, some companies look for:

  • devs who are good at finishing things even if they don't have a degree in computer science at all
  • devs with a deep understanding in certain technologies

And that's the reason why I say that you better target the type of company you are looking for, the kind of company you think you fit better based on your personality.

Do you homework and know more about the company you want to work in, the kind of culture, the kind of developers this company grows, how much long in depth this company goes for in the tech field!

good luck!

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