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Free illustrations resources for the web - Make your next project cooler!😎

Illustrations - whats that?

It's a versatile means of expressing a message which helps to provide a visual representation or example of what is being shared, making it a message clear. It also adds an aesthetic element to a website.

Let's check out an example design by Sindy Lailasari

Forlives - Header Illustration Save Forest Website by Sindy Lailasari for Noansa on Dribbble.png

Ain't that cool? Just imagine this page without illustration, it feels simple and boring, isn't it? Well by now you might have got an idea about the role of illustration. Now, let's get our hands to those resources which are gonna help you to make your work look attractive.


Illustrations   unDraw.png

It's a huge collection of opensource illustrations you can ever imagine. It provides flexibility to choose custom colors for every illustration available on this site.

It also provides an extension for designers so that they can take this directly to adobe XD.

2. Ouch!

Free vector illustrations – Ouch pics.png

These are the free illustrations provided by icons8 which also provides a huge number of icons. They are kind of cartoonish but amazing. You can use this for free but they are uneditable and don't forget to attribute it.

You can get the editable SVG's for a price though. Check it out here

3. humaaans


A great resource if you wanna put lots of humaaans on the webpage 😅.
Well, this can be used for almost every occasion and every part of the website. Each vector is customizable - change shirt, pants, etc.

4. retrovectors

Free Vectors   Free Retro Vectors.png
Planning to design Vintage style web-page? This is the right place to make your site's vintage look complete. Some of them are free and some are paid but are high quality and amazing. You can even edit the files to create a new design. Don't forget to read terms of use tough.

5. absurd

Absurd Design - Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art.png
Absurd but meaningful vectors for your out of the box webpage. You can get 10+1 png images for free but for more and colorful vectors you gotta pay. Believe me, they are amazing and worth each penny.

6. Freepik

Illustrations vectors   324 000 free files in  AI   EPS format.png
Another huge collection of free illustrations. It has almost +324,000 Free Illustrations as of now. But as said before don't forget to attribute them! These can also be bought at a price so there is no need for attribution.

7. lukaszadam

Free Illustrations  Free SVG Illustrations  MIT Vectors.png

All of these illustrations are free and they are designed Lukasz Adam. Basically you can do anything you want with them.

8. DrawKit

DrawKit - Beautiful Free Illustrations.png

Hand drew, free and paid illustrations which will make your day. The designer keeps on adding new designs from time to time so keep an eye on it.

That's all for now folks. These have helped me a lot with my work and hopefully, it will also be useful for you all.

Happy New Year!!

to all of you and wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
Happy Designing.

Cover Credits - Designs Raw

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shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Good post :) , First Save forest design was good. Below are some more to check


Bring more ideas...

andrewsmith289 profile image
Andrew Smith • Edited

Illustrations make the web a beautiful place, but remember for some they can mean the difference between a page that is usable or not.

In some parts of the world bandwidth is still very expensive, and without proper consideration some viewers can be excluded by large page sizes!

Much like we must consider people with accessibility concerns we must consider those who aren't able to enjoy the internet as freely as others.

samelawrence profile image
Sam Lawrence

This is a great reminder. I'm hoping to continue seeing accessibility taken seriously in the 2020s as regulation and community standards continue to push the web to accommodate everyone.

shtefcs profile image
Stefan Smiljkovic

There is post on Vanila Community about top illustration resources

Be check to check the comments as well.

shaijut profile image
Shaiju T

Hi, I have seen lot of website design layout with rounded div corners recently like below.

Is it rounded corners reveal design or Neumorphism or card ui design ?

What is the name of the trend ?

kedark profile image

This is just one of the way for designers to show there design. But while preparing the real website there wont be any rounded corners.

seniru profile image
Seniru Pasan Indira

Very useful stuff! Bookmarked !!

kedark profile image

Glad you found it useful!!

gilbishkosma profile image

I created a site called IllustrationHunt. There you can find more free illustration resources

tranghh07 profile image
Trang Hoang (Tiana)

Thank you for sharing.
I've also rounded up some resources in this post:

Some of the sites mentioned:

You might want to read and find out more.

blushdesign profile image

You should checkout Blush illustrations :)

kedark profile image

Thanks for sharing!

codeperfectplus profile image
Deepak Raj

Thanks for sharing.

scriptify profile image
Maximilian Torggler is also an awesome resource!

martinoffiah profile image

Thanks for sharing, this is very helpful

andregtz profile image
André Gtz

thank you so much! I've been searching for ages where to find these and never found them.

seanmclem profile image

Awesome job. This is the kind of stuff I have trouble finding when replicating dribbble designs for fun

kedark profile image


mcaubrey profile image
Michael Charles Aubrey

What a great list of resources! I knew about unDraw, but the rest are new to me. At first I was bookmarking them one by one, but then I realized the whole article deserved a bookmark!

kedark profile image

Hope these will be useful for your Upcoming projects.

mauro_codes profile image
Mauro Garcia

Thanks for this post Kedar! I was looking for resources for my upcoming landing page and these sites are exactly what I needed.

kedark profile image

My pleasure...
And good luck for your upcoming landing page.

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