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Free Illustration/Design Resources (Part - 2)

This is a sequence of my previous post.

Well, since this post I came across some fascinating resources which I used in my projects and can be suitable for you too hence, I would like to share these with you all. Let's get started

1. Illustrations

IRA Design

Alt Text

If you like designs by Creative Tim you will positively love these. It will allow you to mix and match five available color gradients. You can choose your favorite hand-drawn characters and objects.

Alt Text

They have arranged Illustrations into three parts so it will be easier for you to choose. Collectively these are an awesome set of illustrations.

Webpixels - Illustrations

Alt Text

They have a fine set of non-gradient illustrations to help you describe the story. At present, there are only a few illustrations present but they will keep adding them.

Alt Text

This is an Open Source illustration kit, You can download all illustrations completely free and use these to design awesome - landing pages, mobile app, or presentations.

2. Patterns


Alt Text

Patterns can blend in with the webpage seamlessly and improve the appearance. They provide a modernized look to the website and more options to play around with.

Check out this this website using patterns on it, it's good looking, isn't it?

Alt Text

Webpixels - Patterns

Alt Text

These free set of patterns provided by Webpixels are wonderful and will defiantly improve the look of any website if used suitably. And the great thing about them is that you get it in multiple formats i.e.

  • .sketch
  • .fig
  • .ai
  • .xd file formats

Flaticon pattern-generator

Alt Text

Here's another awesome pattern generator and some of the nice features for this generator are

  • Customizable (in-built editor)

  • Multiple sizes and formats

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • Pre-generated patterns

That's all for now folks.

Were you surprised by the number of free resources other designers have put up for you to use?

It is great to know that there are people putting in their hard work and sweat into something that ultimately gets used and seen by millions of people.

Which one worked out best for you? Let me know in the comments section!

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