Weekend Challenge - Takeaway

kealanheena profile image kealanheena ・1 min read

So last weekend we were tasked with making a takeaway app. It was going to implement receiving text messages. Unfortunately, I didn't get far enough through it to integrate texts. But it was still good although I think I'll give it another try maybe over the Christmas holidays. Mainly because I think adding texts will be challenging.

I didn't have any trouble other than running out of time and being sick. But I think I need to get used to using doubles and studs. I got to take a look at someone else's solution but unfortunately, they didn't get the text integrated either. However, their programme was pretty similar to mine. Which meant it was easier to understand.

This one is particularly short mainly because I didn't get a lot of done. But I might come back and update this blog if I do it over the Christmas break and I'll have more of an opinion on it.


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