Weekend Challenge - Chitter

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Weekend Challenges (4 Part Series)

1) Weekend Challenge - Airport 2) Weekend Challenge - Takeaway 3) Weekend Challenge - RPS 4) Weekend Challenge - Chitter

Another week means another weekend challenge. This week was Chitter which was a clone of Twitter. This was definitely the most difficult challenge so far, it incorporated everything we learned with the added difficulty of SQL databases. It was quite rewarding to get most of it done.

The main problem I didn't get through was setting up the sign in and log out. But I managed to get everything else done, including adding timestamps to the statuses and setting up a signup form as well as saving the information in the form to the database. So a lot better than last week but I definitely need more practice.

Although seeing my pair partners code helped clear a few things up for me. I was able to see what I could’ve done better and they were able to talk me through it. This challenge was very difficult overall and I can't wait to give it another shot over Christmas.

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