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Day 1 of writing: Why do I want to start writing?

Writing, especially for tech people, is becoming increasingly important. As we can see here at, sharing knowledge is crucial to something greater. I wanted to be part of the community and did some articles. However, there were a lot of issues with writing I was struggling with.

That's why I recently signed up for Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole's cohort-based course, Ship 30 for 30. For this, I will post a short "atomic" essay every day for the next 30 days. For this, I plan on sharing details about cloud computing, personal productivity, and my overall experience as a consultant.

Here are a few reasons why:

I want to build a more consistent habit:

In the past, I have written. However, it was mainly when I felt like writing. This was inconsistent, as you might expect, and I would occasionally go months without writing.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed the writing process. There's something magical about seeing a concept develop into an outline, a draft, and a published article. It also assisted me in organizing my ideas and served as a future reference when I needed the information.

With Ship 30 for 30, I intend to establish a daily writing habit. If I lose motivation, I can focus on my routines and habits to keep writing.

I want to improve my writing

You must write everywhere. Whether through social media, business e-mail, or documentation/wikis.

Whenever I've written in the past, I've always overthought everything. It had to be "perfect," therefore it took forever to make. I once spent an hour writing a three- or four-sentence e-mail. This feels like a waste of time and hinders my productivity anytime I have to write.

I want to get better at writing and reduce the time it takes to make better work by writing more and within some limits.

There is so much information to share.

Technology is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up.

Learning new concepts, languages, or frameworks is always tricky, and occasionally documentation/guides do not exist or do not fit your situation. Reading articles rather than technical documentation was beneficial when I was studying. They frequently add context and personal experiences to make it easier to understand.

By sharing my knowledge online, I hope to assist those who want to learn about new technologies and make it easier for people to grasp technology.

Join me on this adventure—and let me know if you have any questions along the way!

Let's get that ship sailing! 🚢

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